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MA Education


Sept 2021

Start date

1 year

Course duration


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Our MA in Education is a one-year, part-time course for teachers and school leaders to develop expertise in the field of education through critical evaluation of research and scholarship. The course can be taken either completely online or with the inclusion of days of training at the University.

This is one of the most popular Masters courses of its type in the UK and the largest Masters course in the university. We take students from all round the world. They appreciate the opportunity to follow their own interests while being given clear guidance about the requirements of a serious level 7 academic qualification.

The course consists of a literature review, which informs a research project to explore an educational issue with a view to improving the candidate’s own professional practice or that of others. The study culminates in a dissertation involving a candidate’s own project in their school or research in a wider field of education.

What is the point of doing an MA when I have a PGCE or am an experienced teacher?

  1. Professionals do not stop learning at any stage in their working lives.  Doctors and lawyers, for example, have to have regular refresher courses.  In the same way, teachers need a framework like an MA within which to learn about recent research in education and be prompted to consider whether they could be even better at what they do.
  2. Not only will you learn about recent research in education, but you will also learn how to do research yourself.
  3. Having taken the trouble to gain this qualification will show your employer and future employers that you are a serious, professional employee.
  4. You will find the course intellectually stimulating.

Course content

  • Conducting a literature review
  • Academic writing of a literature review and critical evaluation
  • Research methods
  • Project/dissertation planning and design
  • Ethics in educational research

You will submit three essays and a dissertation under the guidance of the university tutor.

Entry requirements

For entry onto the MA some candidates will have a UK PGCE with 60 Master’s credits at level 7 from Buckingham or another university.

Candidates with a degree but no level 7 PGCE will be asked to produce a portfolio of evidence of their work of up to 7000 words (further advice will be given).

All international applicants, who do not hold a GCSE grade C/4 or above in English Language, must have IELTS or TOEFL certificate with scores accepted by the University as per the link below:

English Language Requirements


Tuition Fee: £3465
Applicants must also pay a non-refundable £275 registration fee.

Fees are invoiced for in September, at the beginning of the course, and can be paid in termly installments or in one lump sum. Termly instalments can be arranged directly with the Finance department upon receipt of the invoice.

How to apply

Please click the APPLY button to online submit your information by 15 July 2021 for a September 2021 start.

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本课程是英国最受欢迎的同类硕士课程之一,也是本校规模最大的硕士课程。我们欢迎来自世界各地的学生报名。希望你们在追求自己兴趣的同时能得到明确、严谨的Level 7学历等级(硕士)的指导。



  1. 专业人士在他们职业生涯的任何阶段都不会停止学习。例如,医生和律师必须定期进修课程。同样,教师也需要像教育硕士这样的认知和学术框架,在这个框架内,他们可以了解教育领域的最新研究,并思考是否可以在他们所从事的领域做得更好。
  2. 你不仅会学习到最新的研究成果,还会学到如何去做研究。
  3. 完成这一学位课程,将向你的学校和未来的雇主学校表明你是一个认真的专业人士。
  4. 这是一门很有启发性的课程。


  • 文献研究
  • 关于文献研究和批判性评价的学术写作
  • 研究模式
  • 课题/毕业论文策划与设计
  • 教育研究中的道德标准




申请本课程需要在白金汉大学或其它英国大学完成分值为60学分的Level 7等级PGCE/International PGCE课程。

有本科学位,但没有Level 7 PGCE/International PGCE资格证书的学生需要提交7000字的参考文案(大学会提供相关指导)




学费: 3465英镑




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