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School of Education, University of Buckingham

The University of Buckingham's School of Education is the leading provider of teacher training for the independent school sector in the UK and worldwide. In China, Buckingham International School of Education (BISE) works with the School of Education, University of Buckingham in England to provide high-quality teacher training and education programmes for teachers and school leaders at all career stages.

Our mission is to provide high-quality teacher training and education to teachers and educational leaders at international and bilingual schools across China, through a range of internationally recognised teaching qualifications, including PGCE, MA Education and Postgraduate Diploma.

Through British pedagogy and philosophy, BISE focuses on combining the best of western and Chinese education by adding international teaching skills to those competencies already found in the Chinese system to cultivate future leaders in international education.

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Our students and alumni are from these international and bilingual schools


‘It has been an amazing learning journey with BISE and it was the best decision I could have made for my future career in teaching, especially while working in China.’

----Ezzat Ali from PGCE 2020-21 Cohort


----伊扎特·阿里,PGCE 2020-21届学生

‘Learning this course is like opening a door to our life, giving us the opportunity to maintain lifelong learning in the field of education and to increase the key opportunities for personal career planning.’

——Chunk Zhang from PGCE 2020-21 Cohort


——张诗坤,PGCE 2020-21届学生

‘The MEd should have a tangible application to me in my new job and role by deepening my understanding of leadership and helping guide me through the steps I will need to take in starting out in my first Headship.’

——Kerry Legg from MEd 2021-22 Cohort


——凯莉·莱格,教育领导力与管理硕士 2021-22届学生


1. High-quality courses that don’t take much time away from school. Classes are delivered in short ‘bursts’, and further learning and support is offered by mentors/tutors over the course of the programmes.

2. Official degree, diploma or certificate issued by the University of Buckingham, one of the largest teacher trainers in the UK.

3. The calibre of the academic staff involved in the development and delivery of the courses.

4. Sequence of courses that students can progress through, including PGCE &QTS, Masters and Mentoring Programmes, and Leadership Programmes, from initial teacher training to leadership position.

5. Delivered remotely online at reasonable prices

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1. 高质量的课程,不需要花太多时间离开学校。课堂以短期 "爆发 "的方式进行,导师/辅导员在课程中提供进一步学习和支持。

2. 英国最大的教师培训机构之一白金汉大学颁发的正式学位、文凭或证书。

3. 参与课程开发和授课的学术人员的资深阅历和实践经验

4. 学生可以通过的课程循序渐进,从最初的教师培训到领导岗位(包括PGCE和QTS,众多教育硕士课程,导师课程和领导力课程)

5. 在线授课+合理的价格


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