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Assessment Only Route to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)



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12 weeks

Course duration


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The University of Buckingham prides itself as one of the UK's leading providers of Qualified Teachers Status (QTS). The Assessment Only Route to Qualified Teacher Status is a fast-track route (maximum 12 weeks) to gain Qualified Teacher Status for teachers with two or more years' teaching experience.

Qualified Teacher Status is the United Kingdom's professional accreditation for teaching. In the recent years, many internationally based UK schools have also began requiring their teachers to hold QTS to ensure good teaching standard in their classrooms.

Applications are welcome from teachers, who do not already hold Qualified Teacher Status and are currently teaching at a school in China, providing they meet the necessary criteria.

Qualifying Schools may be public or independent, however, in addition to the Chinese National Curriculum (where applicable), the schools must be following either UK or IB curriculum and the lessons following UK/IB curriculum should be conducted in English.

Please note that due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and difficulties surrounding international travel, we are currently unable to confirm the starting date of the next QTS Assessment Course for China. 

The AO Route to Qualified Teacher Status:

Assessment of the candidate's application, which may include a request to supply additional information.                                                                                                                 

Two assessment days at the candidate's school.                                                             

The Initial Assessment Day will judge whether the candidate is likely to meet all of the QTS Teachers' Standards within a maximum 12-week period without any further training. The Final Assessment Day will take place within 12 weeks from the Initial Assessment and will determine whether the candidate meets all of the Teachers' Standards.       

In order to assess many of the criteria for the award of QTS, during the initial assessment day the Tutor will interview the candidate, hold meetings with the candidate’s line manager, mentor and the school's professional tutor, conduct at least 3 lesson observations and will scrutinize the candidate's planning, marking, report writing and professional development.       

Producing and submitting Teaching & Learning File (TLF).                                         
This serves as a portfolio of evidence in support of the candidate's application for passing the Teachers' Standards.

Entry requirements

We receive a large volume of applications, please only proceed if you meet the criteria listed below. If you do not meet the criteria, we recommend that you take a look at our PGCE-Online course as it may be more suitable. 

  • You must be an experienced teacher with a minimum of two years' teaching experience as a sole teacher of your specialism. If you have recently completed a PGCE with the University of Buckingham, an earlier application may be considered.
  • You must be teaching your specialism for a minimum of 12 hours per week to full size classes.
  • You must have taught across two consecutive key stages (equivalent of) with experience of teaching 4 different year groups.
  • You must have completed a three-week placement in a contrasting school or have prior experience as a sole teacher in a contrasting school. If not, you would be required to complete a placement before you can commence on the program.
  • As part of the AO program, you will be required to complete the University of Buckingham professional skills assessments in Literacy and Numeracy.
  • You will need to provide evidence you hold the equivalent of GCSE passes at grade C/level 4 or above in English (as a First Language) and Math (plus Science if teaching Primary or Prep), plus a bachelor’s degree in any subject.

Please Note:

- If you have not taken GCSE, A-levels or an equivalent qualification in English as a First Language, you will be required to provide an IELTS certificate with a score of at least 6.5 as a substitute. Unfortunately, we cannot accept other English certificates as a suitable replacement at this time.

- If any of your qualifications were awarded outside the UK, you will also be required to provide a statement of comparability from ENIC UK (the UK National Information Centre for the recognition and evaluation of international qualifications and skills). More details here:

Further Requirements for Primary and Preparatory school applicants

Primary School

  • You must be teaching the core subjects of English, Math and Science for a minimum of 12 hours per week, across two consecutive key stages as above.
  • If you have a Primary specialism (Art, Music, drama, MFL) then you would need to split the 12 hours teaching between the three core subjects and your specialism, approximately 50:50.

Preparatory School

  • You must split your teaching hours as follows:
  • 6 hours teaching of core subjects to upper key stage 2 (UK years 5 and 6) and 6 hours of your specialism to key stage 3 (UK years 7 and 8).


Tuition Fee: £3,150
Registration Fee: £275(non-refundable)

QTS cannot be awarded without a qualified tutor visiting your school for observation and performance assessment. In addition to the course fees, you will be required to cover the tutor costs that may involve international flights, hotel and food.

How to apply

Due to Covid-19, the international travel is currently limited. This presents unprecedented challenges and the course starting dates have been affected.

Please note we are unable to confirm the next course start date before you make your application. 

Before we can review your application, you will need to supply:

  • a copy of degree certificate
  • a copy of English and Maths GCSE certificates (as well as Science GCSE if you are applying for the Primary Route).
  • a copy of passport photo page
  • a copy of your CV
  • a copy of your teaching timetable

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白金汉大学是提供英国教师资格证(QTS)的领军高校之一。英国教师资格证评估项目(AO QTS)是为具有两年或两年以上教学经验的教师获得合格教师身份的快速通道(最多12周)。









为了对QTS标准要求的多个领域进行评估,在第一个评估日导师将面试候选人,与候选人的直线领导、导师和学校的专业指导老师召开会议, 对申请人进行至少3次课堂观察,并对申请人的教案、批改、报告编写和专业发展进行审查。





  • 拥有本科学历
  • 您必须是一名至少拥有两年教学经验的教师,并且独立负责学科教学工作。如果您最近在白金汉大学完成了教师资格研究生证书(PGCE)课程,您将有可能更早被录取。
  • 您必须每周进行至少12小时的学科整班教学。
  • 您必须连续教授两个关键阶段(相当于)拥有教授4个不同年级组的教学经验。
  • 您必须在另一所学校完成过为期三周的教学实习或进行过独立教学工作。如果没有,您需要在课程开始前完成实习。
  • 作为该课程的一部分,您需要完成白金汉大学的读写和算术技能评估。
  • 您需要提供英国普通中等教育证书(GCSE)的英语(作为第一语言)和数学等级为C/4级或以上(或同等水平证书)。如果教授对象为小学或学前班学生,则需要提供科学课成绩证明。


- 如果您无法提供GCSE,A-levels或同等水平证书的英语(作为第一语言)成绩,则需要提供至少6.5分的雅思(IELTS)成绩证书作为替代。很遗憾,我们目前不能接受其他的英语语言证书。

- 任何在英国以外地区获得的学历学位,需要通过UK ENIC(英国国家信息中心,用于认可和评估国际资格和技能)的对等认证。访问他们的官网来获取更多信息:



  • 您必须在上述两个连续关键阶段中,每周至少教授12小时英语,数学和自然科学三个必修科目。
  • 如果您同时教授小学专修课(艺术,音乐,戏剧,现代外语),则需要将12小时教学时间约按50:50的比例分给三个必修科目与专修课。


  • 您必须将教学时间按以下来划分:
  • 教授6小时第二关键阶段高年级(英国5和6年级)的必修科目,以及教授6小时第三关键阶段(英国7和8年级)的专修课程。


学费: 3150英镑        
报名费: 275英镑(不可退还)






  • 学士学位证书
  • GCSE 英语和数学证书(如申请小学阶段,还需提交科学证书),或同等学历证书
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