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Meet our team


David Mansfield
Dean of Buckingham International School of Education

David Mansfield is a respected Headmaster whose experience spans a wide range of schools and educational institutions in the UK and internationally. He has successfully led four different schools, most recently the Chinese international school in Shanghai, YKPao School. Before that he was headmaster of Dulwich College Beijing. In the UK, David led two ‘outstanding’ secondary schools. He has been a Director of Cambridge Assessment, which owns Cambridge International Examinations, been a Director of an Education NGO working in Sub-Saharan Africa, participated in national steering groups and professional associations in England, and undertaken research work on school improvement at Cambridge University, building his understanding of education in its widest sense.

He is Freeman of the City of London. David completed his undergraduate degree in history at Cambridge University, his postgraduate studies in education at Oxford University and continued his studies with a MBA in International Education Leadership. He also has a diploma in Theology. He is a keen sportsman and amateur ornithologist.

Anda Banks
Chief Operating Officer

Anda Banks comes from an education background with four years of teaching experience in China, Sudan and the UK. Inspired by her interest in education and language, she went on to graduate with a Master’s Degree in Chinese Studies from the Oxford University, following which she returned to China to work on a Chinese Second Language teaching programme at the Leshan Normal University.

Before her post with the Buckingham International School of Education, Anda was one of the founding members and recruitment director at Eurus, a leading teacher recruitment consultancy in Beijing. Here she played a key role in designing recruitment strategy, developing recruitment processes and building teams of recruitment consultants. Anda is well versed in China international / bilingual education and recruitment, operations management and business strategy & planning. 

Professor Barnaby Lenon CBE
Dean of Education, University of Buckingham

Barnaby Lenon taught at Eton for 12 years, was the deputy head of Highgate School, head of Trinity School Croydon and head of Harrow School for 12 years. He then helped establish the London Academy of Excellence in East London, one of the most successful state sixth form Academies, where he is chairman of governors. He is chairman of the Independent Schools Council, which supports 1400 private schools in the UK, and has been a governor of 25 state and independent schools. He was a member of the board of Ofqual during the implementation of the reforms to GCSEs and A-levels and is now on their Standards Advisory Committee.  He is Dean of Education at the University of Buckingham. 

He has written six books including, recently, Much Promise about high-achieving state schools and Other People’s Children about the least academic 50% in England. He researches the characteristics of effective teachers in the UK and USA.

Professor John McIntosh, CBE
Chairman of Council

John McIntosh is a former Headmaster of The London Oratory School (1977–2007). He has a particular interest in education policy and has been actively involved in policy development and several think tanks concerned with education policy throughout his career. He was appointed an Honorary Fellow of the College of Preceptors 1998 and appointed a Fellow of the College of Teaching in 2016. He has been an external adviser to the Department for Education on Free Schools since 2011, He is presently the honorary president of a multi academy trust and a trustee of another. John served as a member of the Health Education Council from 1985 to 1988 and the National Curriculum Council from 1990 to 1993. He was a member of the Teachers Standards Review, the Teaching Agency advisory group, and the National College for School Leadership advisory board, and the National Curriculum Review in 2011-13.

From 2009–2011 he was education adviser to the Leader of Hammersmith & Fulham Council. In 2010 he was responsible for establishing a bilingual (English & French) primary school in West London, which was a partnership between the local education authority, the French government and the governing body of a maintained primary school. He has been involved in the School of Education at the University of Buckingham from the early days of its foundation in 2002. He became a member of the University’s Academic Advisory Council in 2013, joined the Council of the University in 2014, and has been ViceChair of Council since 2015. He is also Chairman of the Risk, Audit and Compliance Committee and of the Honorary Awards Committee. In 2018 he was elected a Professor of Professional Practice in Education by the University.

John was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1996 and promoted to Commander of the Order in the 2013 New Year Honours for services to education. He was a Knight of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George 2011. In 2016, he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters (DLitt) by the University of Westminster for his contribution to education.

Karl Yin

Karl started his career in the Financial sector in FX trading and investment banking before joining the Education sector. Education has been his life-long passion. Karl has been involved as a non-executive director in his family business Hualan Education Group since 2012, where his role was to oversee group strategy. In early 2013 he decided to take the family business to next level by expanding the family business from early years to K12 stage, and he initiated the collaboration between Hualan Education Group and the Sutton Valence School in the UK. After 4 years of planning and hard work, HIKSVS International School Tianjin successfully launched in August 2017. Karl became the Vice Chairman for the family business in late 2016.

In 2017 Karl led the Hualan Education Group collaboration with the Westleigh Investment Group in the UK and founded WCBS China and Eurus with the Chairman of Westleigh - Giles Clarke CBE. 
WCBS is a British company with 36 years of experience and has distinctive expertise in providing information management systems for top independent schools, and Eurus is a leading recruitment organisation in education sector.

Karl is the founder and Chairman of the Hualan Scholarship , and he is also Chairman of the International Advisory Board for the School of Education in the University of Buckingham.

School Council

  • Prof John McIntosh CBE (Chairman)
  • Prof Barnaby Lenon CBE
  • Karl Yin




大卫·曼斯菲尔德是一位德高望重的校长。他的教学经验遍及英国乃至全球的许多学校和教育机构。他成功地领导了四所不同的学校。在就职院长之前,他担任上海包玉刚学校的校长,他也曾担任过北京德威学校的校长。在英国时,大卫也领导过两所优秀中学。他曾经担任剑桥大学考评院(Cambridge Assessment)主任,该考评院下设剑桥国际考评部,大卫也曾作为一个非政府组织的教育领导者,在撒哈拉以南非洲地区工作,并参与了在英国的国家指导小组和专业协会,并在剑桥大学承担了对于学校持续改进的研究工作。基于广泛的学识,建立了自己对教育的理解。他还是伦敦金融城的荣誉市民。大卫在剑桥大学完成了他的历史学士学位,在牛津大学完成了他的教育硕士学位,并继续攻读了国际教育领导工商管理硕士学位。大卫同时还拥有神学文凭,热爱运动,还是一名业余鸟类学家。





巴纳比·勒农爵士(Barnaby Lenon CBE)曾在伊顿公学任教12年,并在12年内担任过海格特学校(Highgate School)副校长、克罗伊登三一学校(Trinity School Croydon)校长和哈罗公学(Harrow School)校长。随后,他帮助在东伦敦建立了伦敦精英学院(London Academy of Excellence),这是英国最成功的公立高中之一,他是该高中的执行主席。他是英国独立学校委员会的主席(该委员会支持英国1400所私立学校),并担任过25所公立和私立学校的学督。在英国GCSE和A -levels考试改革实施期间,他是英国资格与考试质量监督办公室(Ofqual)的理事会成员,目前仍兼任该机构的标准咨询委员会成员。勒农教授是英国白金汉大学教育学院的院长。



约翰·麦金托什(John Mclntosh)是伦敦教会学校的前任校长(1977-2007)。他对教育政策特别感兴趣,在他的职业生涯中一直积极参与政策制定和几个有关教育政策的智库。1998年获委任为师范学院荣誉院士,2016年获委任为教育学院院士。自2011年以来,他一直担任教育部免费学校的外部顾问,他目前是多所学院信托基金的名誉主席和另一所学院的受托人。1985年至1988年,他担任健康教育委员会的成员。1990年至1993年,他担任英国全国课程委员会的成员。2011年至2013年,他是教师标准审查委员会、教学机构咨询小组、全国学校领导咨询委员会以及全国课程审查委员会的成员。从2009年到2011年,他担任Hammersmith & Fulham理事会领导人的教育顾问。2010年,他负责在西伦敦建立一所双语(英语和法语)小学,这是当地教育当局、法国政府和一所公立小学管理机构之间的合作。他从2002年白金汉大学教育学院成立之初就参与了该学院的工作。2013年成为英国大学学术顾问委员会委员,2014年加入英国大学学术顾问委员会,2015年起担任该委员会的副主席。他亦是风险、审计及监察委员会主席及荣誉奖委员会主席。2018年,他当选为白金汉大学教育学院教育专业实践专业的教授。1996年,约翰被任命为大英帝国军官,并在2013年晋升为指挥官。2011年,他被授予圣乔治军士坦丁骑士勋章。2016年,他被威斯敏斯特大学授予荣誉文学博士(DLitt),以表彰他对教育的贡献。



自2012年以来,他一直担任家族企业华兰教育集团的非执行董事,负责集团战略发展规划。2013年初,华兰教育集团与英国萨顿瓦伦斯学校(Sutton Valence School)合作,集团业务从幼教拓展为12年一贯制教育(K-12),华兰教育集团也因此迈入一个新阶段。经过4年的筹划和努力,天津华兰萨顿国际学校于2017年8月正式开学。殷仲毅先生也于2016年升为集团副董事长。

2017年,殷仲毅先生促成华兰教育集团与英国Westleigh Investment Group的合作,与Giles Clarke爵士共同成立了WCBS中国(益和科技)和Eurus(欧洛斯)。WCBS起源英国,在为顶级私立学校提供学校信息管理系统方面拥有36年的专业经验,Eurus是教育界的主要招聘机构。



  • 约翰·麦金托什教授 (主席)
  • 巴纳比·勒农教授
  • 殷仲毅