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About BISE

Buckingham International School of Education (BISE) works with the School of Education, University of Buckingham in England.

Our mission is to provide high quality teacher training and education for both - new teachers and more seasoned practitioners. BISE aims to combine the best of western and Asian education by adding international teaching skills to those competencies already found in the Chinese system.

The School of Education at the University of Buckingham was founded in 2002. With over 1,300 teachers and school leaders studying there in any one year, the School of Education has become one of Britain’s leading providers of teacher training and professional development. The School is led by Professor Barnaby Lenon CBE who, as headmaster of Harrow School, started two schools in China.

BISE is headed up by David Mansfield, former Headmaster of Dulwich College Beijing and Executive Headmaster of Y.K. Pao School in Shanghai. He and his team have a wealth of experience globally and in China to offer schools and individual trainees.

BISE provides a range of different options:

  • Its flagship course is the practice-based PGCE - China, which supports the development of the skills, knowledge and competencies required by the UK Teaching Standards. The BISE PGCE - China course is shaped around the acclaimed PGCE used by leading independent schools in the UK. It is demanding but has been proven globally to improve the quality of a trainee’s teaching with a full programme of practice, observation, mentoring, reflection and academic study. It is currently available only in English but BISE will be developing a fully bilingual version for Chinese colleagues. PGCE is suitable for new entrants to the profession as well as those seeking to diversify their pedagogical skills.
  • BISE also provides an opportunity to gain the UK’s Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) via an Assessment Only route. This will build seamlessly from the University of Buckingham PGCE course as the next step in the career progression for those candidates who meet the criteria set out by the UK Department for Education.  
  • BISE will in the future be offering a series of short 10-week courses to upskill practitioners in aspects of international pedagogy and leadership. Currently we offer a short-course in Mentoring, primarily for those supporting PGCE trainees.
  • There is also a full series of MA degree courses and Postgraduate Certificates on offer to students in China – Masters in Education, in Residential Education, in Teaching and Learning, in Leadership and Management, as well as a certificate in Special Educational Needs Coordination. BISE provides a full set of courses, able to support the theory and practice of building bilingual schools in China.

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白金汉大学教育学院成立于2002年,是英国提供教师培训和专业发展项目的领军机构之一,每年有超过1300名教师和学校领导在此深造。学院现任院长Barnaby Lenon教授曾任英国哈罗公学校长,并在中国创办了两所哈罗分校。

BISE现任院长Davide Mansfield曾任北京德威学校校长和上海包玉刚学校执行校长。他和他的团队熟谙中国和海外院校的需求,无论针对教师个人发展还是学校整体职业提升,他们都有着丰富的经验。


  • 基于教学实践开展的PGCE-China(国际教师资格研究生证书-中国)课程是BISE的旗舰项目。该课程围绕着英国教师标准,拓展学员的教学知识、技能与综合能力。英国诸多知名私校都选用PGCE教师培训课程培养自己的教师队伍。而BISE的PGCE-China课程也正是基于这一广受赞誉的课程而设计。这一严谨的课程已在全球范围内得到认可,它通过一整套实践、观察、指导、反思和学术研究方案来提高学员的教学质量。课程目前以英文授课,但BISE将为中国同仁开发完整的双语版本。PGCE课程既适合新晋教师,也适合追求教学技能多样化的资深教师。
  • BISE也提供参加英国教师资格证(QTS)评估项目的机会。对于符合英国教育部要求的学员来说,这一QTS课程将无缝对接白金汉大学的PGCE课程,帮助PGCE课程毕业生实现职业进阶。
  • BISE也将在不久的将来提供一系列为期10周左右的短期课程,以满足教师们有针对性地提高国际教学法和领导力等技能的需求。目前我们向资深教师及学校领导者提供短期导师(mentor)培训课程,完成相关培训的导师将有机会指导PGCE课程学员的学习。
  • 此外,我们还提供一系列完整的硕士学位课程和研究生证书课程,包括教育硕士(线上授课)、寄宿制教育硕士、在线教育硕士(教与学)、教育领导力与管理硕士以及英国国家特殊教育协调员认证课程等。BISE提供的全套课程力求为中国双语学校建设提供有效的理论和实践支持。

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Buckingham International School of Education - Training Teachers Across The World

白金汉大学国际教育学院 - 培养面向世界的教师