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David Mansfield: BISE is creating a new normal in the Chinese education marketDavid Mansfield:在学校生活了一辈子,改向教师培训是个有趣的转变

David Mansfield: BISE is creating a new normal in the Chinese education market

David Mansfield is a respected Headmaster and educator in the UK and internationally. He has successfully led four different schools, most recently the Chinese international school in Shanghai, YKPao School. Before that he was headmaster of Dulwich College Beijing. 

David is now CEO and Dean of Buckingham International School of Education and the Senior Advisor to Pao School. David has been a Director of Cambridge Assessment, which owns Cambridge International Examinations. He completed his undergraduate degree in history at Cambridge University, his postgraduate studies in education at Oxford University and continued his studies with a MBA in International Education Leadership. 


Written by | David Mansfield

Edited by|BISE

Shifting to a role in teacher education after a lifetime in schools has been an interesting transition. I've been head of four schools over the years and throughout my career have been fully involved in professional development work.  It is obvious to any school leader that the better the staff are trained, supported and given a broader understanding of the professional skills required to be a great educator, the more likely is the school to thrive.

It has therefore been a privilege to have joined the Buckingham International School of Education (BISE) as its first CEO and Dean, especially as it seems China is at a landmark stage in its educational history. Since the 19th century international educators have come to China and have supported the indigenous systems by offering alternatives and indeed allowing the permeation of new ideas to integrate alongside traditional Chinese pedagogies.

From the beginning of the 21st century a new phase of international education reasserted itself in China and many schools for foreign passport holders began to crop up. I was privileged to be the headmaster of one of these, Dulwich College Beijing, which was very attractive to returning Chinese parents wanting to ensure an international English language focused education was available to their children.

However, from the second decade of the century, the Chinese market became a little more sophisticated. Not only did returning Chinese realize that their children needed to develop Chinese language skills and we're missing out on the rigours of the Chinese National Curriculum, but also PRC citizens themselves we're hungry to offer an international dimension to their children's educational diet. So, a new generation of bilingual schools that combined the CNC with international pedagogy and content began to spring up. I was again very fortunate to become the first Executive Headmaster of one of the earliest and pathfinding of these schools, YK Pao School in Shanghai.

The staffing balance of these new schools was originally 50% Chinese and 50% internationals, with the Chinese National Curriculum covered by the Chinese staff, and international English language aspects granted to expats. This is an expensive model and complicated to timetable, but when it works well provides an incredibly challenging and stretching curriculum. It produces bilingual, bicultural students with a very significant understanding of both their Homeland of China and its language and culture, but also of the global world into which they will be entering as they transition to higher education and the world of work.

As we move into the third decade of the 21st century we see the scene shifting again. This is particularly so with the exacerbating effects of COVID-19.  The market is changing as increasingly large numbers of Chinese begin to consider keeping their children in China, at least for longer before they study overseas, thus demanding more international style provision in China. The growing number of bilingual schools and school groups demands more quality expat teachers than the market can sustain (even more so as entering China is so tricky at present). In addition, the cost of staffing for these bilingual schools is becoming prohibitively high on a 50/50 basis. Quite rightly parity of remuneration between Chinese and expats is becoming an increasingly realistic and necessary target for many school owners and the market for highly qualified, well-trained Chinese teachers who can deliver bilingually is growing, hence they can demand quite significant salaries.

It is not surprisingly therefore that many of the new bilingual schools which have recently opened or will open in the near future, seek to employ fewer expats and more Chinese staff. These Chinese staff need to be well qualified and hence BISE is offering high-quality British Initial Teacher Training products that will fill this vacuum. We currently offer an iPGCE (International Post Graduate Certificate in Education), taught and delivered in English. This is the same course that is being provided to the many trainees in the UK. But from 2021 we will also be offering a bilingual version of this IPGCE, so Chinese teachers can be trained in their own language in the various strategies and philosophies that underpin international education.

One of the biggest hurdles for many of the Chinese graduates who would wish to teach in bilingual schools is that their English level (an English iPGCE requires an IELTS score of 6.5 or better) makes the accessing of the course very difficult. By offering it in Chinese, many teachers can develop international pedagogies which they will take into their own Chinese language classrooms as well as when delivering international curricula like the IGCSE, the A level, and the IBD as Chinese citizens in bilingual settings. This scenario is becoming increasingly common and BISE is very well positioned to be serving this growing market.

Nothing stands still in China. Things move fast. The changing market in education and the sophistication of the Chinese parents, influenced significantly by international geopolitics and ongoing global pandemic, mean we must remain flexible and adaptable as teacher trainers, as well as teachers and school leaders. My role as the Dean and CEO of BISE is to support schools and school groups in providing the quality of teaching that young people deserve and require. If we can be of any service to you, please be in contact.

80年代初,David Mansfield在剑桥大学获得学士学位后,又在牛津大学完成了研究生学习。纵有着“天之骄子”的履历,David一毕业后就开始从教,几十年来,因对教育纯粹的热爱和执着,David成为业内德高望重的校长,也是经验遍及全球的教育家。在中国,他曾成功地领导了两所“明星”学校 ---上海包玉刚学校和北京德威学校。


作者 | David Mansfield









对于许多希望在双语学校任教的国内毕业生来说,最大的障碍之一是他们的英语水平(英语IPGCE要求雅思成绩6.5分或更高)使课程的理解变得非常困难。通过提供中文课程,许多教师可以拓展国际教学法到自己的中文课堂,以及在双语环境中提供一些国际课程,如IGCSE、A level和IBD。这种情况将会变得越来越普遍,BISE完全有能力为这个不断增长的市场服务。




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