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BISE EduTalk: Why being a teacher is the best careerBISE EduTalk:为什么教师是最棒的职业?

BISE EduTalk: Lenon Barnaby

Professor Barnaby Lenon CBE taught at Eton for 12 years, was the deputy head of Highgate School, head of Trinity School Croydon and head of Harrow for 12 years, during which time he brought Harrow to China. He then helped establish the free London Academy of Excellence in East London, one of the most successful state sixth form Academies with the highest number of Oxbridge offers. He is also chairman of the Independent Schools Council and has been a governor of 16 state and independent schools. He is also on their Standards Advisory Committee of Ofqual

Barnaby read Geography at Keble College, Oxford, then went on to St John's College, Cambridge to train for a career in teaching. He has written six books including, recently, Much Promiseabout high-achieving state schools and Other People’s Children about the least academic 50% in England. He conducted vast research on the characteristics of effective teaching in the UK and USA. Professor Barnaby Lenon CBE is the current Dean of Education of the University of Buckingham and a Council Member of the Buckingham International School of Education. 

In this episode of BISE EduTalk, Professor Barnaby Lennon shares his favourite parts of his 35-year career as a teacher, and some advice for novice teachers, through a short five-minute video. 



Becoming a teacher was the best decision

I am Barnaby Lenon and I am standing in the School of Education at the University of Buckingham. Today I want to speak for a few seconds about why I believe that it is a great thing to become a school teacher. 

I took the decision to become a school teacher when I was just leaving university. And I am sure that my parents were keen for me to become a lawyer and go to work in the city. But I took the decision to become a teacher and I can honestly say that that was the best decision that I could have taken.


For the love of the subject and campus community

You know the things that I really liked about teaching, and I taught for over 35 years. First of all, cause I love my subjects. I read geography at university and I was enthralled by my subjects. I was delighted to be able to teach it at secondary schools of different types and to be part of a community of other people who had similar academic interests. And I actually spent quite a lot of my summer holidays for certainly the first 15 years of my teaching career, reading about my subjects and becoming more involved in it. 

Secondly, I loved being a part of the sort of community that all schools are. And as time went on, I became involved in all sorts of aspects of school life that had never occurred to me when I began, including things like pastoral care and sports and activities of one sort or another, and then leadership responsibilities, becoming the head of the department and so on.


Teachers make a difference in each child's life

And then finally and most importantly for me, the great thing about being a teacher is that you make such a difference to individual children's lives. And that is in great contrast to many of my colleagues from school and university who went into jobs which were no doubt much more highly paid than being a teacher, but who as they look back now over their lives realised that what they did although was financially beneficial was not necessarily as worthwhile. 

One of the things that have astounded me in the last five years is how many of my former pupils, who are now maybe in their 40s or even in their 50s, are contacting me and inviting me out for lunch simply to say thank you for the impact that you had on my life when I was 16 or 17. 

And there is no doubt that all teachers of all types primary and secondary find this, that they know it a lot of the time are making a big impact on children's lives. So it is a really worthwhile occupation.


Start your career at a school with good classroom behaviour control

There are obviously some disadvantages. You are not gonna be rich. But on the other hand, you know, a lot of teachers are earning 40,000 or 50,000 or 60,000 pounds after just a few years in the job as they gain promotion. Headteachers are very well-paid these days. But you are not gonna earn as much as a merchant banker. 

And the other thing to say is that I think that for all teachers, if you are teaching classes where the behaviour is poor, then it is a miserable job. It is very important for all teachers to not only learn how to maintain good control, but also when you are applying for a job, do make sure you go to schools where you're certain that the behaviour is something that is well under control. 

But from my point of view, teaching has been the best possible job in the world. And I strongly encourage everybody who is interested in teaching and in the subjects they are going to teach to apply. 




在这一期BISE EduTalk中,巴纳比·列侬教授在5分钟的视频,分享他35年教师生涯最喜欢的部分,和对新手教师的建议。




















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